How To Quickly and Easily Generate $10,000 Worth Of Salon Memberships In One Month!
What You Will Learn From This FREE Presentation:
Secret #1: How To Create Your Own Salon Membership Program

Secret #2: How to Successfully Launch Your Membership Program
Secret #3: How To Get $10,000 of Memberships In One Month

Monday 27th of November 
11am (AEST) / 12pm (AEDT)
Presented By Billy Rickman: Creator of ZestClub 
"The Largest and Most Successful Hair and Beauty Salon Membership Program in Australia and 
New Zealand"
Would you pay $97 to learn how to generate $10,000 worth of Salon Members in a month?  How much more would you achieve in your Salon, in your professional career, if you could get a guaranteed $10,000 every single month in Memberships?

On this priceless online workshop, you'll get to spend a few hours with Billy Rickman, creator of the most successful Salon Membership Program in Australia and New Zealand, where he will take you through a simple process that will show you how to create and successfully launch your very own Membership program and how to sign up $10,000 worth of Salon Members in one month!

This is how it works...

Step 1: Put in your credit/debit card now to reserve your spot.

Step 2: You attend the in depth online workshop with Billy Rickman taking you each one of the steps in detail to get $10,000 worth of Salon Members

Step 3: At the end of the workshop, if you haven't learned how to sign up $10,000 worth of Salon Members in a month, then you just email us at our private email (which we'll reveal on the webinar) before midnight on the day of the webinar, and you won't have to pay a cent.

When you do learn how to sign up $10,000 worst of Salon Members in a month, then just do nothing, and after the webinar, we'll bill you a one time payment of just $97.
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